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Our guaranteed pricing is based on the retail rate of $525 per hour. To suit your convenience we will reposition our aircraft to and/or from the airports most convenient to your travel needs. Flight times and sample pricing to popular destinations are provided in the table below.

Destination Flight Time (Hrs:Min)Pricing
Abingdon, VA (VJI)1:39$2,095
Atlantic City, NJ (ACY)0:57$1,374
Bedford, MA (BED)2:25$2,902
Blacksburg, VA (BCB)1:05$1,517
Bristol, TN (TRI)1:47$2,250
Buffalo, NY (BUF)1:43$2,178
Charleston, SC (CHS)2:27$2,954
Charleston, WV (CRW)1:17$1,716
Charlottesville, VA (CHO)0:22 $769
Cincinnati, OH (LUK)2:09$2,633
Columbia, SC (CAE)2:14$2,714
Danville, VA (DAN)1:02$1,452
East Hampton, NY (HTO)1:51$2,309
Fort Wayne, IN (FWA)2:31$3,023
Frankfort, KY (FFT)2:19$2,814
Greensboro, NC (GSO)1:18$1,731
Harrisburg, PA (MDT)0:37$1,030
Huntington, WV (HTS)1:35$2,034
Lexington, KY (LEX)2:14$2,725
Martha's Vineyard, MA (MVY)2:22$2,856
Mogantown, WV (MGW)0:50$1,240
Norfolk, VA (ORF)0:50$1,247
Ocean City, MD (OXB)0:46$1,172
Outer Banks, NC (MQI)1:15$1,689
Pittsburgh, PA (PIT)1:05$1,518
Raleigh-Durham, NC (RDU)1:12$1,632
Richmond, VA (RIC)0:29$879
Roanoke, VA (ROA)0:57$1,370
Teterboro, NJ / NYC (TEB)1:21$1,846
White Plains, NY (HPN)1:30$1,941
  • Flight times and prices based on departure from the Manassas Regional Airport (HEF) in the Washington, D.C. area.
  • Call for pricing on flights originating from other airports in and around the D.C. region.
  • Prices shown are valid for up to three passengers and baggage.
  • Prices shown are valid for a one-way flight or a same-day round trip conducted within FAA permissible pilot duty limitations.
  • Flight times shown are the one-way times from Manassas to the listed destination. Allow an additional 15 minutes for estimated taxi time.

Call for flight times and prices to other destinations and on overnight trips or round-trip flights spanning multiple days.
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Skyway Air Taxi Testimonials

“Skyway Air Taxi offers the freedom to fly on my own schedule without the hassle of a major airport so I can quickly fly direct to my destination. Whether it be a day trip for business or a relaxing trip to the beach, I can always count on their service and professionalism.”